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DBF Russell Terriers bred 9 AKC Russell Terrier Champions
in the first 18 months after breed recognition!



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Note: Co-owned dogs do not live at Dog Branch Farm, except when breeding or whelping. They have their own family homes.




Puppies Available Below
 (Also see Puppies Pages)


Corona (male)
Short-legged, stocky, tri-colored smooth coat male

Ariel (female)
Short-legged, muscular type, brown/white smooth coat female
Clyde (male)
Light bodied, agile build, tan/white, broken-coat male
Tommy (male)
Medium build, tan/white, broken-coat male
On Hold (Starkey)

Stosh (male)
Taller, very sweet, fun, tan/white, broken-coat male
Jagger (male)
Medium build, smooth to light broken-coat, tan/white male.
Eva (female)
Rare chocolate/white, smooth-coat female. Stocky build.
Pix to come
Freedom (female) New pix to come
Patriot (female)
Pix to come
Pix to come
Danica female
Danica female


 Adults Available for Pet Adoption
All adults are placed on a trial basis to be sure both the family and dog are happy

Tokio (female)  $750
2-year-old rough-coat, female. Small, sweet dog. Housebroke. Crate trained. Loves people and other dogs. Fine with children.
Will be spayed prior to adoption.

Baylor (female) $750
4-year-old, smooth-coat, spayed female. Housebroke. Crate trained. Good with other dogs. Loves to swim. Gets attached to one person. Not good with strangers.



Show & Pet Puppies Available also shown on the
Puppies Pages


See the upcoming litters on the

Litter Plans page



What's New at Dog Branch Farm


Talisman DBF Rough Rider aka Teddy
(Rare bicolor Black/White)

DBF Mon Amour Scarborough Fair aka Sage
5 pt Major at Great Western Terrier Show


Junior World Winner 2014, CH DBF Stanley Cup aka Stanley
Also known as "Stan the Man"

DBF Malcolm in the Middle aka Reece








GCH Multi CH Foxscott Jack Eaze Up Turbo showing at Westminster 2013


See Puppies Page for Available Pups








Dog Branch Farm (DBF)
Russell Terriers



Home-based breeder of the short Jack Russell Terrier



  • Wonderful temperaments the #1 priority

  • Bred to be companions or for show; not for working or hunting

  • Many EJRTCA registered (English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance)

  • Most are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) as Russell Terriers (the newly recognized breed in the AKC for the short Jack).

  • English, Irish, American, and Australian origins

  • Sometimes, I have a few "puddins" (8.5-9.5"); Most are 10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulders (AKC/FCI standard)

  • Smooth, Broken, and Rough coats

  • Colors: Chestnut brown/White; Mahogany brown/White, Tan/White, Tri-colored, Lemon

  • Early reservations-see Litter Plans page

  • Veterinarian owner

  • No in-breeding

  • Delivery often available to parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York

  • No shipping

  • Puppies come microchipped with chip registration included at no extra cost


DBF Russell Terriers is located in northern Virginia.



Candace Lundin, DVM, MS




Once again, calendars feature
many puppies bred by DBF Russell Terriers!




Dog Branch Farm's Puppies appear in these books



"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die,
I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers



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